Havas WW Brussels and Superact launch app for worldwide Last Post commemoration

Havas WW Brussels developed an app that brings the Last Post to life on your smartphone, commissioned by the British non-profit Superact. In the run-up to the 30,000th Last Post on July 9th 2015, the Last Post will be streamed live, creating a worldwide commemoration event. Furthermore, the app will allow users to find out more about historic WWI events. 

Users will be able to listen to the Last Post live. Every day, at 7pm GMT, smartphones worldwide will air the bugle call, creating a worldwide commemoration for the fallen of World War I. The campaign will reach its culminating point with the 30,000th Last Post on the 9th of July 2015.

Furthermore, the app allows users to find out more about the history of the Great War. It contains a timeline filled with facts and historical photos of important wartime events. On top of that, users can subscribe to reminders for commemorative events. In this way, Havas and Superact hope to deliver an authentic and respectful experience.

The British non-profit organization Superact commissioned the app, which was then designed and developed by Havas WW Brussels. Superact itself also set up a worldwide initiative to commemorate the Great War called ‘The Last Post Project’.

You can download it now in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/superact

Twitter:@Superact_UK #TheLastPost




Agency: Havas WW Brussels

Client: Superact: Virginia Crompton, Katharine Lang, Nick Roberts

Creative Directors: Tom Loockx, Jorrit Hermans

Project Manager: Kelly Ferris

Copywriter: Pieter Van Leuven

Head of Digital: Yann Balbaert 

Digital Project Management: Patrice Bosseaux

Web design: Nicolas Willot, Rémi Lejeune

HTML Integration: Yvonne Chan

Application Development: Stéphane Marchant




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