Havas Worldwide Brussels and InterRail launch their own mobile phone operations

Free roaming for sending and receiving calls while travelling by train throughout Europe

Brussels – Havas Worldwide Brussels and InterRail are running a campaign for GlobalPass, the train ticket that allows young people to travel easily and inexpensively through 30 European countries. As part of this, the agency has created and is launching a dedicated mobile phone operator for InterRail: InterRail Mobile. So young people can continue to “like”, call and send SMS text messages at the lowest rates when travelling across Europe. What’s more, a total of 2,500 free SIM cards can be won by users of InterRail, enabling them to stay connected entirely for free as they travel. 

InterRail Mobile is offering 2,500 young people the chance to win free roaming with the InterRail Global Pass. So they can keep doing what they like to do while travelling by train in Europe: updating their Facebook status, Tweeting, surfing, sending e-mails and text messages or just hanging on the phone for too long for the pleasure of not saying much. InterRail knows how important it is for young people to stay connected even when they go on holidays and particularly in Europe where roaming costs can cut deeply into a teenager’s holiday budget.

Together with Havas Worldwide Brussels, an independent mobile phone operator has been set up that covers more than 97% of Europe. Dubbed InterRail Mobile, it is available to anyone that buys a Global Pass at railway tickets counters or on www.Interrail.eu. Using a very simple online registration, users can try to win one of the 2,500 free SIM cards. For the sum of €17, customers can also become a paying client of InterRail Mobile. A standard or micro- SIM card is sent along with a mobile phone number. Once activated, the train adventure throughout Europe can start. The card offers the lowest rates when calling or messaging in different European countries.

Global Pass by InterRail is valid on the national railways of the following 26 countries:

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, the UK, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Turkey.

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